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Pastor/Reverend Doctor Victoria Scott Johnson, also known as the “People’s Pastor,” because she has the blessed opportunity to minister at a level of faith with works to so many battling addictions before they are ready to be in a church setting. She is a lifelong resident of Leesburg, Florida. She studied theology and graduated Seminary in June 2016 from Lake Sumter Bible College & Seminary, studying Bible and Christian Counseling/Christian Education, she is the 2020 Summa Cum Laude Graduate and Honored Dean & Presidents list at Middle Florida Theological Seminary Bible College in Ocala, Florida, with a Doctorate of Theology degree to further her capabilities in Christian Education & Counseling. After completing her master’s Colloquy at Lake Sumter Bible College under the direction of The Reverend Doctor Alan Holden, she enrolled in online classes with Liberty Baptist University & Seminary in Shreveport, Louisiana, as an online student to further her horizon and better her areas of expertise as a Christian Counselor and Program contingent guide for drug & drug related issues around the world. Reverend Johnson was set aside and commissioned first by her Father, Reverend James T. Scott in 1977 as he prayed and laid hands on her believing God for the obvious call that was on her life even then. She later joined in Holy Matrimony and Oneness with Pastor Cecil L. Johnson in July of 2000. Together they Founded “Deliverance Praise & Prison Ministries Inc. where Reverend Victoria became highly recognized as an online mediator for the Ghana Africa Prison Mission to write letters and keep families estranged from each other because of the overwhelming population of men and women battling the HIV/ AIDS epidemic in the country and children being left to fend for themselves because their parents were either in prison or dying from this horrible disease that plagued the land. Reverend Johnson spent three years as Missionary and two additional years as Ministry Leader/Education Director to assist the Bishop and Pastors needed to bring healing and wholeness to Gods people. While working so closely with Bishop Pasche and Reverend Brenda Heizleman, who were the motivating force of her new commission and Ordination team, she was confirmed and Ordained on October 6, 2008 at the Grace Missions Church Interdenominational outreach.  Ghana, West Africa, their state location, is governed by the Bishop and made up of community activists such as Reverend Johnson and many others from a variety of churches in the greater surroundings of state and foreign leaders.  In addition, Grace Mission orchestrates the use of many volunteers throughout ALL areas of its ministry to suffice coverage for the wide range of help given freely to so many, not only in their region but to reach the “WORLD “, the masses as we Christians are commissioned by God in Matthew 28.  While working and ministering at The Women’s Care Center, a drug and alcohol faith-based facility at her church, First Baptist Church of Leesburg, Florida/ Christian Care Center, as the first Black Director in the history of the church. The Lord allowed her to be moved and to start her own ministry with one of the largest ribbon cutting ceremonies in our little town of Leesburg, showing the great support of so many for the same concern and cause of addiction. Using all the great instructions and ministry tools learned from her experience there, this was just the catalyst that God would use to get her to push toward her full potential and reach further out to help others. Reverend Victoria’s passion was so great that she was encouraged by many to seek her own ministry to help support the many needs of those in addiction and life issues, that all cannot be done at one place, the need is too great, and the help is too few. Her passion also comes from the fact that she spent thirteen years as a crack addict and knows firsthand the highs, lows, and near-death experiences that she faced everyday as a practicing crack user and sin bearer. Victoria has been delivered, recovered, clean and sober for over two and a half decades. She has spent the last twenty plus years making a difference in the lives of so many everywhere she goes. Grateful for all the support and encouragement of her many family and friends, she along with her Co-laborer in Christ her husband, Pastor Cecil Johnson, now deceased, Victoria’s Haven Ministries, Inc. was born. Many of the ladies and their children have exhausted all avenues with their own families and friends as far as support and sponsorship.  By the grace of God, all their needs are being met by Victoria’s Haven through sponsorships and partnerships of others. Thank you for considering joining us in some way, MOST importantly to pray for what God is doing and will do in the lives of his own. One woman at a time. These ladies and children need that change for re-entry back into society and to rebuild the family unit. Please help us help them!

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